Monday, 30 April 2012

The Pear

Wow talk about busy over the last few weeks!!
I have been extremely busy at work and at the same time preparing to say goodbye to my parents while they travel.
For this I decided to make them a little gift. A rather ambitious gift I think as I only have 2 weeks to get it done. Well 1 1/2 now.
I can picture just the way I want things to look in my minds eye but getting it to be like that in reality is somewhat harder. And so began the pear.


Tuesday, 17 April 2012

No, I didn’t fall off the edge of the earth

I almost feel like I have been in isolation or something. Well from the internet that is. This hasn’t been an altogether bad thing but it has meant I have not been able to write here or read what other friends are up to via their blogs. Feels weird!!
Internet at home is still giving us grief after 2 weeks but I am able to get this up by other means. J
So what have I been up to instead of surfing the net? Where do I start!!  I had some annual leave from work (believe me no leave from life) and have managed to get away over Easter. I drew up a task list and I am very pleased to say I got all but one thing done and some little extras too. And what would holidays be without a trip to at least one craft shop.

Over the Easter weekend we did some camping and our eldest son decided it was time he had a tent of his own. Our younger son followed suit but I really think he did it just for a bit of excitement. By the third night he was back in the caravan with us. Which is more than ok with me, he is only 6. The Easter bunny still managed to find us and Oma organised a big treasure hunt, including clues and directions, instead of just handing the grandkids the eggs. Even after all the chocolate and toasted marshmallows the children were always completely exhausted in the evening and dropped off to sleep before we could even zip up the tents. I suppose running all over 5 acres of scrub will do that.

What a task list I created for myself for over my time off. It still involved being a mum and definitely did not exclude washing all the dirty clothes from our weekend away. One of my projects was to repair and paint a wardrobe for my youngest son. I must admit I love to paint but not pictures or landscapes. I love to paint walls and furniture. It always feels so good to give a room or a piece of furniture that fresh lease of life. Now all I’m waiting on is a little muscle to help me move it into the bedroom.

What else? I have almost finished doing the hand stitching on a queen size quilt I have been working on for a couple of years. Getting to go and buy the batting and the backing fabric for the quilt makes me feel as though I’m almost on the home stretch. That gives me the extra drive and determination I need to get a long running project finished. I’m normally the kind of person who likes short practical length projects so big projects take me even longer. But now I can’t wait to get this one done.

For now though I need to get some rest as I need to go to work tomorrow to earn the cash to finance all my projects, long and short term ones.