Sunday, 29 January 2012

Would you give up?

How often do we give up when things are just too hard?

I'm sure we can all relate to this feeling at some stage or another through out our lives. But sometimes giving up is the worst thing that can be done. Babies don't give up when they are trying to walk. So much so that we call this stage "Learning" to walk. This goes for so many things in childhood like talking, writing, reading and even riding a bike. For me it was even sewing. Oh how many times I found it so hard to sew when I young but I kept at it and now I would say I'm pretty good at it.

Imagine if he quit!!

But what about those things that go on for years. Yep raising children. Would you give up on that when its too hard like at age 2 or at the end of the holidays when they really need to get back to school because they are climbing the walls. I suppose we have to turn the tables a little and think of it a little different. They are learning how to cope with the changes in their routine and lifestyle and the lack of mentally stimulating activities. Believe me I'm not going to give you any solid solutions for all of us going a little nuts over the 6 to 7 weeks off that the kids have. Maybe we just need to give them a good dose of mental stimulation and some firm routine.

I just think it is really not the best option to give up on things that just need us to have a couple tries. (With the exception of things that are addictive of course.) So will you give something you're having trouble with a couple more tries? I know that I'm going to keep trying with my quilting. I'm going to learn to machine quilt and not quit at it. My first attempt was a bit tricky but I'm not going to give up. Thankfully this is fun and therefore enjoyable to learn. If I give up on this I will never "Learn" new skills.

What are you going to continue to learn?


Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Perfect time for crafting

You know there is one really great thing I love about an Australian summer and that's the tennis.
Watching the Australian Open is the perfect chance to get crafting done. It offers the perfect excuse to take time out for me and kick back with some hand stitching or quilting. 
I mean really it is more fun to watch others run around playing tennis! Especially when I can do the things I love at the same time. 
So Happy Stitching!!


Saturday, 21 January 2012

Maybe not just another Saturday

I have had a fantasticly (is that a word?) creative day today. I woke up feeling rather inspired to create. And create I did.

Ok, I didn't get a great pile of garments or quilts made. To tell you the truth I couldn't actually start with my sewing until about lunch time because of swimming lessons with the boys and other domestic duties. But I got lots of sewing in and just about finished 1 top from a pattern that I purchased in 2007 and never got around to using. I'll show you all when I'm finished.

I was creative in a slightly different way as well before a broke out the sewing machine. I have discovered some pretty funky paper designs recently, care of Amy J at Delightful Distractions. However I really do not want to move into scrapbooking. The designs are the kind you would expect to see on the pages of note pads. The challenge was how to turn them into funky little note pads.

Now I must admit that a have a bit of a weakness when it comes to notepads and and little notebooks. I just can't resist them!!

After a little research I have found a method that is working. So I have raided my darling husband's garage for a couple of simple supplies and created a couple of notepads too. All that was needed was some protective cardboard, two small pieces of wood and two small quick clamps. Oh and the most important thing, silicone!
Yep, Silicone. You must take extra care not to get the silicone on your husband's little quick clamps. You have to be pretty quick to get it off before he realises.

Now this little note pad I did get finished. Well sort of finished. I must be patient and wait for the silicone to totally cure. 
Ahh....   Patience is not really something I have an abundance of.


Monday, 16 January 2012

Excuse me Google street view!

I wish that Google street view had previous photos on view in an archive of some sort. I would really like to know what the front garden of my house looked like before the current landscaping had been done. What on earth has got me thinking this.

Over the weekend I took the opportunity to get into the garden especially after I acquired a pile of free plants. Best to get them in the ground before they die.
I had it all planned out. I knew exactly where I was going to put them. It would be easy. I wouldn't have to take out any other plants, just dig holes and in they go. How naive was I!

Right where I wanted to plant I discovered a set of slate steps. They are beautiful. A morning in the garden turned out to be a bit more than "pottering" in the garden.
I had a decision to make: Dig the whole garden up and remodel it completely or bury them for another time and put the plants elsewhere.......

I went with the later. The soil got put back over the steps to preserve the them until I am tired of the current design and the plants went into another area of the garden.

It left me thinking though. Why would someone want to cover these beautiful steps? What else lays beneath the soil of my front yard? How many more times am I going to jar my wrists on some form of hidden rock? If only I could go back in time just to get a glimpse of what this garden used to look like. Somehow I don't think Google street view would have photos from 20 years ago even if we did have the ability to look in their archives. 

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Ok, ok, I love buttons!!

What could be more fun than rummaging through my stash of buttons after a long day at work. I love buttons and every time a see the opportunity to get some buttons, I generally take it. Although I must admit, the free are always the best. Yes, I do admit, I have even purchased second hand clothing just so I could have the buttons.

Mmm. . . .   buttons! 

Every time I go through my button stash the ideas of what I could do with them just seem to pour out, however tonight was different. The buttons had to be the right sort of shades to fit the project. This is where it got a little tricky and not to mention hilariously frustrating. You see a button and go to grab it and end up with a button avalanche burying it again because you moved your hand. So you dig again in earnest hoping that you will be able to find that button, knowing that you may not see it again tonight.

All is good though. I resisted the urge to tip out my big tin full and just rummaged until I got the desired result. But that you will have to wait to see.
Better pack them all away before bed lest the boys get into them in the morning and take a liking to some of the good ones.


Sunday, 8 January 2012

This is Me!!

Welcome to my busy little world!!
Welcome to my positive space!
This is me. I am a rather busy bee.

I am a mother of 2 gorgeous boys. JJ, 9 years old and Dan, 6 years old. I am married to the most amazing man in the world, Ryan. I’m sure some would like me to be a stay at home mum and there are days when I dearly wish I was but alas I am not. I work full time in administration at a nursing home. There are days when I absolutely love what I do but there are those odd days that I don’t and I would rather be home stitching and chilling out with my boys.

I love to create, most of the time following somebody else’s design/pattern. My sewing machine was the greatest gift I have ever been given and the ability to sew the greatest skill I have been taught. I dabble in crochet but it will always come second to my patchwork.

Chilling out with some stitching is a favourite thing to do. It becomes so much more enjoyable when I can do this sitting in the shade of a tree on a warm day or wrapped in a quilt on the back deck. I love being outdoors and I love the smell of sunshine. This is a bonus considering it is not good to keep my boys indoors all day long even if it is raining.

There will always be something to be done around the house but I have had to come to terms with the fact that it doesn’t matter if the washing doesn’t get folded tonight or the floor has not been washed this week. The most important thing is to take care of me. Every evening the boys go to bed at 7:30 and at 8:30 I put all my housework tasks aside. From that time on it’s my time. My time to do whatever I choose. Be it sewing, stitching, crocheting, calling a friend or playing a board game with my man, it’s my time. Time to look after me. I suppose that’s what this is all about.

This is time for me. Time to reflect, dream and get inspired.
I hope you can join me. I’m not really sure where we are going but it’s going to be a positive thing.