Monday, 11 June 2012

Mmm... Yum!

I took a break from my reasonably strict eaten rituals today.

As tradition in my little family goes, On Queen's Birthday weekend, we make olibollen and appelflappen. Well this time we went a little further and made croquettes as well. And Yum Yum they all were.

What on earth? I hear you asking. Olibollen is a traditional Dutch kind of donut (minus the hole) which some currents added and are sprinkled with icing sugar. Best eaten while still hot. Then they have a crisp outside. Appelflappen are similar but have apple and some cinnamon added instead of currents. These would have to be my favourite.

I wish I had taken some photos so I could show you all how well they turned out but alas I don't even have left to take a photo of. Yep they were all gobbled up. But believe me they were really yummy.


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  1. My former in-laws and another couple used to set up a table at our local Dutch festival and make these once a year. The other couple has passed away and the in-laws aren't as spry as they used to be, so it hasn't happened for several years, but it was my favorite eating place!! Olibollens YUM