Saturday, 17 March 2012

Discovering a new kind of yum!

Just recently my GP has asked me to cut a few things from my diet. These are the kind of things that I suppose we all take for granted until we are told that we need to stop consuming them. I have been asked to cut grains, specifically wheat to start with, dairy and processed sugar.
So off I am on a journey of discovering some new tastes and ones that I was no longer tasting because of the amount of sugar in my day to day life. It means that I will be getting all my sugar from my fruit and vegetables. A couple of days in and Wow! I can't remember fruit tasting this good!!
Even better my fantastic husband had let the strawberries from the previous owners of our house, run wild in the vegie patch and had planted some vegies too. Tonight we had fresh corn. I don't think I have ever had corn this fresh in my life. It was so good. And then for dessert, fresh strawberries.
Fresh corn and strawberries from our garden
So wish me luck in a battle to get my body and health right and here's to discovering new recipes and foods.


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