Sunday, 25 March 2012

A little time to get away and relax

Relax. Yes ok, I will.
I have just returned from a relaxing weekend away with my man. This would be the first time in a long time the two of us have been away together without the kids.
We ended up in Bright, Victoria instead of Wilson's Promontory National Park as was first planned. I think we would have got blown away and ended up with icicles hanging off our noses if we had of gone to Wilson's Prom.

Bright was beautiful, as it always is. The weather didn't cooperate until we were looking at going home. But you know I'm always going to nosey through the shops no matter what the weather is like. And guess what, in Bright it self there are two gorgeous little shops full of all sorts of quilting things and notions and embellishments. Ah yes, I was in my element.

Sew Bright Alpine Quilting
Sew Bright Alpine Quilting is a gorgeous little shop that sells fabric and a heap of embellishments. What I loved the most was all the quilts they had hanging around the store. It was such an inspiration to see all of them and all so beautifully finished. You can view Angela's store here. However I think being in the store just has a specialness about it.

I also had the rare opportunity to show my man what a machine quilting set up looked like and how much room it takes. Finally I think he has agreed to let me get one in the future (something I have always wanted) and will allow me to take over one of the rooms in the house. However as much as I would like it to be the lounge, I think it will be a bedroom when one of the boys move out.

Country at Heart
I also popped into Country at Heart, also in Bright. It has everything you could ever need for Christmas in the way of statues and quaint little ornaments for the tree. But it was the back of the store the I loved the most!!

I loved it so much I just had to share
This whole area of the shop was devoted to the autumn colours that Bright is so well known for. All the fabrics were rich rustic colours and woven wool fabris abounded. They had patterns to match with all the autumn colours and highlight the season so well. Once again browsing through the website does not come close to meandering through the corners of the shop and feeling the fabrics. But for those who can't get there in person you can visit it here.

I got back to our little cottage for afternoon tea and all that could be done after seeing all I did today, was stitch. So with a nice cuppa and the sunshine poking through before it set, I settled down to stitch for a little while.

It was inspiring to look at what others have created and to dream about what could be and purely relaxing to sit in the sunshine and stitch. Overall the weekend was great and I find that my love for crafting has had some rejuvenation along the way.


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  1. I have recently started following a few blogs using a blog reader. I am constantly motivated, as I am getting a daily dose of inspiration and motivation. You are right, it is so inspiring to see what others have created. Sounds like a perfect weekend :)