Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Happy Leap Year Day!!

Happy Leap Year Day!!
I'm not really sure why this is something that needs to be celebrated but the powers at be at work decided to ask everyone to wear rainbow colours today. As long as I could wear black pants, I was happy with that. Some went all out, coloured wigs, very bright clothes and even Hawaiian lays. But for some it proved to be obviously harder. Black or beige was their colour of choice. At least their mood was colourful and bright.
Last week we had friendship day, where we all needed to wear red. This I forgot completely as I had been ill a few days before. As I am the first and last port of call for most people that come to my work, it seemed to draw a reasonable amount of comments. However by the end of the day people had stopped commenting. I think I got out of the wrong side of bed that day.
As much as I was in a horribly bad mood that day, in the end I ended up in a very good mood as I stopped to enjoy those little things we take for granted, like the smell of a rose or the gentle whisper from our children telling us they loves us.
When was the last time we truly stopped for a moment and thought about something or someone that is special to you, something that we may easily take for granted. It can make your day so much better.
I just have to remember to do this a little earlier in the day so not as many people get the raw end of my grumpiness. :)


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