Saturday, 21 January 2012

Maybe not just another Saturday

I have had a fantasticly (is that a word?) creative day today. I woke up feeling rather inspired to create. And create I did.

Ok, I didn't get a great pile of garments or quilts made. To tell you the truth I couldn't actually start with my sewing until about lunch time because of swimming lessons with the boys and other domestic duties. But I got lots of sewing in and just about finished 1 top from a pattern that I purchased in 2007 and never got around to using. I'll show you all when I'm finished.

I was creative in a slightly different way as well before a broke out the sewing machine. I have discovered some pretty funky paper designs recently, care of Amy J at Delightful Distractions. However I really do not want to move into scrapbooking. The designs are the kind you would expect to see on the pages of note pads. The challenge was how to turn them into funky little note pads.

Now I must admit that a have a bit of a weakness when it comes to notepads and and little notebooks. I just can't resist them!!

After a little research I have found a method that is working. So I have raided my darling husband's garage for a couple of simple supplies and created a couple of notepads too. All that was needed was some protective cardboard, two small pieces of wood and two small quick clamps. Oh and the most important thing, silicone!
Yep, Silicone. You must take extra care not to get the silicone on your husband's little quick clamps. You have to be pretty quick to get it off before he realises.

Now this little note pad I did get finished. Well sort of finished. I must be patient and wait for the silicone to totally cure. 
Ahh....   Patience is not really something I have an abundance of.


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