Sunday, 29 January 2012

Would you give up?

How often do we give up when things are just too hard?

I'm sure we can all relate to this feeling at some stage or another through out our lives. But sometimes giving up is the worst thing that can be done. Babies don't give up when they are trying to walk. So much so that we call this stage "Learning" to walk. This goes for so many things in childhood like talking, writing, reading and even riding a bike. For me it was even sewing. Oh how many times I found it so hard to sew when I young but I kept at it and now I would say I'm pretty good at it.

Imagine if he quit!!

But what about those things that go on for years. Yep raising children. Would you give up on that when its too hard like at age 2 or at the end of the holidays when they really need to get back to school because they are climbing the walls. I suppose we have to turn the tables a little and think of it a little different. They are learning how to cope with the changes in their routine and lifestyle and the lack of mentally stimulating activities. Believe me I'm not going to give you any solid solutions for all of us going a little nuts over the 6 to 7 weeks off that the kids have. Maybe we just need to give them a good dose of mental stimulation and some firm routine.

I just think it is really not the best option to give up on things that just need us to have a couple tries. (With the exception of things that are addictive of course.) So will you give something you're having trouble with a couple more tries? I know that I'm going to keep trying with my quilting. I'm going to learn to machine quilt and not quit at it. My first attempt was a bit tricky but I'm not going to give up. Thankfully this is fun and therefore enjoyable to learn. If I give up on this I will never "Learn" new skills.

What are you going to continue to learn?


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