Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Ok, ok, I love buttons!!

What could be more fun than rummaging through my stash of buttons after a long day at work. I love buttons and every time a see the opportunity to get some buttons, I generally take it. Although I must admit, the free are always the best. Yes, I do admit, I have even purchased second hand clothing just so I could have the buttons.

Mmm. . . .   buttons! 

Every time I go through my button stash the ideas of what I could do with them just seem to pour out, however tonight was different. The buttons had to be the right sort of shades to fit the project. This is where it got a little tricky and not to mention hilariously frustrating. You see a button and go to grab it and end up with a button avalanche burying it again because you moved your hand. So you dig again in earnest hoping that you will be able to find that button, knowing that you may not see it again tonight.

All is good though. I resisted the urge to tip out my big tin full and just rummaged until I got the desired result. But that you will have to wait to see.
Better pack them all away before bed lest the boys get into them in the morning and take a liking to some of the good ones.


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  1. Hey Bernie! I love your blog! Keep it coming, I look forward to reading and learning more about you. Xx