Thursday, 8 March 2012

I love Craft Night

Last night was "Craft Night", as so affectionately called by a rather crazy group of us who get together once a month to craft. There are all sorts of handcrafts brought along by the ladies and all sorts of conversations had. (Sorry what's said a craft night stays at craft night.) I must admit that its something I look forward to for the whole month. Getting to get together with like minded people, chilling out and doing what we all love - craft.
So what do we do? Well there was knitting, crocheting, patchwork, cross stitch and sewing and lets not forget the cutting out for the next project. The mix always seems to differ and the amount done always varies based on the conversation being had. 
Last night, we were in for a treat. We got to see Mrs S's newly finished house. It is gorgeous!! But what had some of us really excited, was the craft room. Mrs S has a purpose built craft room with space for everything and more. What caught my eye first was her gorgeous glass jars with buttons in them.(pictured) 
They were perfect sitting along side jars of ribbons and pins and buckets of markers and brushes. Everything is visible and the room is well lit. A good size work bench for the sewing machine and all the cutting that needs doing is easily accessible. Mrs S you have done it. You have created a fantastic space for craft. 
However there was only one chair in there and I don't think even dragging other chairs into the room would have allowed the 8 or so of us to sit and craft. So around the big kitchen table we gathered.
We talked quietly serious and then laughed loud and at the end of the night, I wondered if I would have a voice at all in the morning. I love that there is no agenda, no rules and no kids. Just us ladies and our craft. 
What great friends are made when craft is the common thread.


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  1. what fun!! I have a group that gets together one weekend in the spring and one in the fall at a local HI Express for all those projects you don't get enough time all at once to spread out and work on. This weekend is our 18th one!! It is so much fun to get together and craft with friends...we all do our own things..although we sometimes plan something to do with one or two other friends we know that will be there. PJs and sweats are the attire of choice for the weekend!!