Monday, 16 January 2012

Excuse me Google street view!

I wish that Google street view had previous photos on view in an archive of some sort. I would really like to know what the front garden of my house looked like before the current landscaping had been done. What on earth has got me thinking this.

Over the weekend I took the opportunity to get into the garden especially after I acquired a pile of free plants. Best to get them in the ground before they die.
I had it all planned out. I knew exactly where I was going to put them. It would be easy. I wouldn't have to take out any other plants, just dig holes and in they go. How naive was I!

Right where I wanted to plant I discovered a set of slate steps. They are beautiful. A morning in the garden turned out to be a bit more than "pottering" in the garden.
I had a decision to make: Dig the whole garden up and remodel it completely or bury them for another time and put the plants elsewhere.......

I went with the later. The soil got put back over the steps to preserve the them until I am tired of the current design and the plants went into another area of the garden.

It left me thinking though. Why would someone want to cover these beautiful steps? What else lays beneath the soil of my front yard? How many more times am I going to jar my wrists on some form of hidden rock? If only I could go back in time just to get a glimpse of what this garden used to look like. Somehow I don't think Google street view would have photos from 20 years ago even if we did have the ability to look in their archives. 


  1. Our garden had many mysteries in it, particularly as we basically pulled it all apart and then put it back in a different order. We found animal gravesites, mountains of bricks, and giant concrete columns buried beneath our old patio area. To this day we can still come across old crockery or silverware. I love the surprise of it all!

  2. Likewise we uncover buried bits in ours - burying rubbish was once the fashion. In our current and past house we've found intact glass milk bottles that we've cleaned up and put aside. has historical aerial images - going back 1-2 yrs in some places. Probably not enough for your needs.